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Venues Tokyo 2020

Which venues will host the 2020 Summer Olympics?

Most of the Olympic venues for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are located in the two main zones: the Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone. In the Heritage Zone you’ll find some of the older venues which were also used in the Summer Olympics of 1964, while the Tokyo Bay Zone houses most of the newly build venues. 27 of the 42 Olympic venues are based within 5 miles of the official Olympic Village. The Olympic Village is positioned right in between the two main zones, this makes travelling to the different venues very convenient for anyone visiting the Tokyo Olympics.

The Tokyo Bay Zone

The Tokyo Bay Zone is located east of the city centre and 16 Olympic venues are stationed there. As mentioned before Tokyo Bay Zone is seen as the modern side of the city. This zone is known for its ingenious infrastructure and new urban developments. Below you’ll find a list of the Olympic venues located in the Tokyo Bay Zone:

Venues: Sports:
Aomi Urban Sports Venue Skateboarding & Sport Climbing
Ariake Tennis Park Tennis
Makuhari Messe Taekwondo, Wrestling & Fencing
Canoe Slalom Course Canoe & Kayak Slalom
Dream Island Archery Field Archery
Olympic Gymnastic Centre Gymnastics
Sea Forest Cross-Country Course Equestrian Eventing
Odaiba Marine Park Triathlon & Marathon Swimming
Sea Forest Waterway Rowing, & Kayak Sprint
Seaside Park Hockey Stadium Hockey
Olympic Aquatics Centre Swimming, Diving & Synchronized Swimming
Olympic BMX Course BMX Cycling
Shiokaze Park Beach Volleyball
Tatsumi International Swimming Centre Water Polo
Ariake Arena Volleyball

The Heritage Zone

The other main zone, the Heritage Zone, is located in the centre of Tokyo. In this zone you’ll find 11 Olympic venues including some of the iconic venues which were used during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. In this zone you’ll also find the new Olympic Stadium, this is where the opening and closing ceremony will be held. The total list of venues you’ll find in the Heritage Zone is listed below:

Venues: Sports:
Olympic Stadium Opening/Closing Ceremony, Athletics & Football Final
Kokugikan Arena Boxing
Tokyo International Forum Boxing
Tokyo International Forum Weightlifting
Musashino Forest Sport Plaza Modern Pentathlon & Badminton
Nippon Budokan Judo & Karate
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium Table Tennis
Equestrian Park Equestrian
Tokyo Stadium Football, Modern Pentathlon & Rugby
Yoyogi National Stadium Handball

Outside venues

Although most venues are based within the two main zones, some venues are located in other parts of Tokyo. In total there are 15 venues which are located outside the two main zones. These venues are located further away from the city centre. At these ‘outside venues’ there will be featured some exciting sports; Mountain Cycling, Baseball and Football. You’ll find a list of all outside venues below:

Venues: Sports:
Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium Baseball & Softball
Saitama Stadium Football
International Stadium Yokohama Football
Izu Mountain Bike Course Mountain Cycling
Asaka Shooting Range Shooting
Tsurigasaki Beach Surfing Venue Surfing
Enoshima Yacht Harbour Sailing
Izu Velodrome Track Cycling
Kasumigaseki Country Club Golf
Saitama Super Arena Basketball
Ibaraki Kashima Stadium Football
Miyagi Stadium Football
Yokohama Stadium Baseball & Softball
TBA Basketball & BMX Freestyle

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