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Where to stay during the 2020 Summer Olympics?

A lot of the venues used in the Olympic Summer Games are close to the centre of Tokyo. Most venues are situated in the “Heritage Zone” or in the “Tokyo Bay Zone”, both zones are close to many restaurants, shopping areas and sightseeing areas. Some districts which are close to the “Heritage Zone” are Rappongi, Shibuya and Shinjuku. Rappongi is known for it’s vibrant nightlife with a wide variety of clubs, bars and restaurants. Rappongi is a popular place to stay for foreign visitors.

The district of Shibuya is also a popular destination, Shibuya is mostly known for dining, shopping and partying. This district is probably one of the most famous and busy districts in Tokyo, in Shibuya you’ll even find the busiest crosswalk in the world!

Shinjuku is Tokyo how you would imagine it to be, large crowds, tall buildings and neon lights everywhere. Shinjuku can be divided into two areas, East Shinjuku and West Shinjuku. In East Shinjuku you’ll find restaurants, bars and lots of entertainment, West Shinjuku is known mostly for its skyscrapers and hotels.

There are a couple of areas in Tokyo which are close to both the “Tokyo Bay Zone” and the “Heritage Zone”, Ginza is one of those areas. In Ginza you’ll find all best known luxury brands, the district is known for western-style shopping and chic cafes and restaurants. When you like shopping and strolling around maybe Ginza is a good place to stay.

Another area close to both Olympic zones is Tokyo Station. The neighbourhood around the station houses some excellent hotels, restaurants and even some galleries and museums. Its also very convenient to stay in this area because the transportation options.

All districts and areas that we’ve highlighted (Rappongi, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ginza and Tokyo Station) are reasonably close to most Olympic venues and convenient to stay during the Olympics.

Top 5 things to do while you’re at the 2020 Summer Olympics

With 33 different sports on display there are already lots of things to see and do. But besides watching the various sports events visiting the Summer Games is also a perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful capital of Japan, Tokyo.

1. Visiting the Sensoji Temple
The Sensoji Temple is situated in the district of Akasuka and is one of the most popular sights to visit among tourists. The temple was originally built in the year 645 but was destroyed during the 2nd world war. In 1958 the temple was completely rebuild including: impressive gates, a huge prayer hall en an amazing garden with cherry trees. And even with the large crowds visiting the temple there are still plenty of serene places where you seem to have the temple to yourself.


2. Robot Restaurant
One of the most unique and unusual places to visit is the Robot Restaurant in the Shinjuku district. Robot Restaurant is not really a restaurant, it’s just a very crazy but cool show with robots and actors. The show is a bizarre experience full of sound effects, neon lights, glow sticks and crazy acts. Despite Robot Restaurant being a bit pricey it’s certainly worth taking a look!

3. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was originally built as a garden for the Royal family of Japan In 1906, since 1949 the garden is open to the public. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is enormous and you can easily spend half a day strolling. In the garden you’ll find an idyllic tea house and about 20.000 trees in all shapes and sizes. The garden is an oasis of peace, perfect if you want to leave the busy city for a while.


4. Ginza Six
Ginza Six is a brand new shopping complex in the Ginza district in Tokyo. The shopping complex houses more than 241 different shops, including many luxury brands. In Ginza Six you’ll find treasures from unknown designers and internationally renowned brands like Rolex and Dior. In addition to all the shops there are also various dining options and a rooftop garden!

5. Sumo morning practice
Sumo is one of Japan’s national sports and there are a lot of Sumo stables in and around Tokyo. Some Sumo stables are even open to the public, here you can watch the morning training routine of the Sumo wrestlers. One place where you can watch these training routines is the Ryogoku district, attending a training routine is not cheap but it’s one of the more impressive things to witness in Tokyo.

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