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The best destinations for a city trip with football: London

A weekend getaway is an ideal way to take a break from work and your routine at home. For football fans, it’s an opportunity to visit a football match of a big team. Looking at the best English destination for a city trip, London is on top of the list.

In London you will find top attractions such as the Palace of Westminster, the Big Ben, the London Eye and an vibrant nightlife. But London is also the football capital of Europe with no less than twelve professional clubs, of which five play in the Premier League. Explore London by following the ball and complete your trip to London with these locations!

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The North London rivals

Starting in the north of London, we encounter Tottenham Hotspur at their brand new stadium. On the historical ground of White Hart Lane stands a super modern stadium with the best facilities, attention to the history of the club and a place for the fans to create a great atmosphere. Tottenham doesn’t lack anything for a football experience in 2020 style.

Around five miles to the south, the other team of North London is located: Arsenal, the oldest professional club in town. When you visit Arsenal, you will be enchanted by the appearance of a prestigious club, showing their attacking style of football in the impressive Emirates Stadium. For those with good memories of Highbury, a short walk gives you the chance to see the location and the still standing front of the old Arsenal home.


Electric atmosphere at West Ham

We turn to the east and hear the West Ham fans sing their ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’. The supporters of this working-class club create an electric atmosphere every game with their singing and intense support for their club. A game at West Ham will raise your heartbeat.

Passing through the city center, we arrive at the fourth Premier League stadium: Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea. The first London club to win the Champions League in 2012, Chelsea has recently been impressing football fans with an attractive syle of play under club legend Frank Lampard as a coach and with young players on the field. A tour at Stamford Bridge will give you an exclusive insight in the stadium of ‘The Blues’.


For the fifth and last London Premier League club, we cross the Thames to South London. Crystal Palace is the club to visit for football lovers who want to experience the authentic English football culture. The Selhurst Park stadium is located in the middle of a residential area and has seating areas close to the field, exactly as it should be.

A pint at the birthplace of English national football

In the 1860s football was exploding, but it was also a rabble. Rules differed from town to town and inter-county matches were essentially non-existent. To bring order to chaos, a group of football administrators met at The Freemasons Arms over the course of six evenings in 1863, forming The Football Association in the process. English national football was born! Thankfully the pub still stands today, so you can watch a match while enjoying a pint in the same spot as football’s forefathers and discuss the rules like it’s 1863 again!

Wembley Stadium

Wembley, home of the national team.

“Wembley is the cathedral, the capital and the heart of football.” Cited more often than anyone as the greatest player of all time, Pelé was rather smitten with Wembley. And he had every reason to be. Rebuilt in 2007, Wembley is a 90,000-seat colossus that is generally only used for internationals and important domestic finals. Outside of match days, you can experience the wonderful guided tour, checking out the locker rooms, player’s tunnel and a wealth of English football memorabilia. Wembley is the cherry on the cake of all that London football has to offer!

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