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Hotels Tokyo 2020

ICI Hotel Asakusabashi ***

Olympic Village: appr. 7 km

Olympic Stadium: appr. 8 km

This 3.5-star hotel is reasonably priced and has high standards when it comes to service and quality. It’s a designer-hotel, that is designed to look great and be functional at the same time. The Ici Hotel is located in the Taito District, where landmarks as the Ueno Park, the Ueno Zoo and the famous Senso-ji and Asakusa temples are located.

You’ll have access to a 17m² twin room with a private bathroom and all the facilities you expect from a modern hotel. The Ici Hotel prepares fresh breakfast every morning for you, if you’d like.

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Hotel Tokyo Dome ****

Olympic Village: appr. 8 km

Olympic Stadium: appr. 5.5 km

The Tokyo Dome is 4-star hotel that is luxurious, and one of the best ones in the city of Tokyo. To make it even better: the Olympic Organizing Committee classifies this hotel as a five-star one. The hotel is located near the Imperial Palace, which is a 25-minute walk from to places like the Tokyo Dome baseball stadium, the amusement park and the shopping arcades. Bunkyo, the area around the hotel, is know for it’s wide variety of restaurants.

When you’ll book this hotel, you will get a top-notch twin room with 33m² of space, and a private bathroom to go along with it. The people of the Tokyo Dome will make breakfast for you, if you’d like.

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